"Nutrition, Diet, and Good Kidney Health", Marty Loeffler, RD


Ms. Marty Loeffler, RD, CSR: is a Registered Dietician, and Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition. She is a graduate of Ohio State University with a dietetic internship at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. She has worked at Oregon Health and Science University for 33 years, seven of those years as a kidney dialysis dietician, and now as a liver, kidney and pancreas transplant dietician. She is an instructor in the Dept. of Medicine at OHSU.


One third of cancer deaths are linked to diet. It is believed that two thirds are linked to smoking (400,000 annual deaths), poor diet (300,000 annual deaths), obesity, lack of exercise. [Editor's Note: These figures refer to cancer in general, rather than kidney cancer specifically]

General cancer risk factors:

  1. Obesity - total caloric intake (especially fats)
  2. Food preparation method - high temperature cooking of red meats produces nitrosamines which are carcinogens
  3. Food preservation methods - salting, brine curing
  4. Alcohol - has both positive and negative implications

Dietary protective factors:

  1. Certain vitamins - A, C, D, E, folic acid (free radical scavengers)
  2. Minerals - Calcium, Selenium
  3. Non-nutritive - flavonoids, carotenoids
  4. Foods - legumes, whole grains

In a renal cell carcinoma study 1989-1991:

To protect remaining kidney mass:

  1. Decrease protein (if you have elevated creatinine) 0.8g/kg of body weight
  2. Decrease saturated fats
  3. Maintain diabetes control
  4. Maintain blood pressure control

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